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MoneyVoice gives you the right to vote at businesses where you spend money.

Every purchase earns you one vote at that business. Vote for what you want them to do.

You’re just one person

That’s why businesses usually ignore your feedback.

...but there is power in numbers

MoneyVoice lets you team up with other customers so businesses actually pay attention.

Money is power

MoneyVoice links to your payment card proving that you’re a real customer.

Businesses care more if they know you’ve spent money.

To enjoy this new voting power...

... your payment card must get
registered to vote

Registering your card is easy

MoneyVoice requires linking a payment card. You give your credit card company (or bank) permission to send us transaction data, and you can revoke this permission at any time.

You enter your login information, but it goes directly to your financial institution, and is never saved in our database. It is impossible for us to access your money.

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MoneyVoice can change the world

We believe that to change the world, we need to change businesses. But businesses decide what to do based on what makes them the most money. To get them to do something, we can simply prove to them that their most valuable customers want them to do it.

We believe MoneyVoice is the best way to drive change in business, because it takes our values and translates them into the financially relevant data that actually drives decision-making.

What info do you access from my account?

We only save the data we need to verify your purchases and give you votes:

  • Transaction name (ie: Netflix)
  • Purchase date
  • Purchase amount
That's it.

Our database does NOT contain any of the following:

  • Credit card numbers (or any way to initiate a payment)
  • Account numbers
  • Routing numbers
  • Account balance
  • Credit score
  • Bank username
  • Bank password
  • Mailing address
  • Name of the user
To see an example, you can view all the financial data of our CEO here.

How strong is your security?

We use 256-bit SSL encryption for our website and all server-side databases. We host our servers securely using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the same service used by the Department of Defense, NASA, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

To connect with your financial institution, MoneyVoice has partnered with Plaid. Plaid works with many of the leading financial technology companies, such as Venmo, TransferWise, RobinHood, and Acorns. Their investors including Citibank, Goldman Sachs and American Express. Most major banks have integrated with Plaid because they trust their security infrastructure. We have had a relationship with Plaid since 2015 and they reviewed and approved our security practices prior to integrating with our systems.

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What should I know about privacy?

Every time we retrieve a transaction for you, you earn a vote, which you may choose to use or not use. All of your purchases are initially secret only to you. However, when you use a vote, you are making a public statement to the business. That means that anyone can see your username, and whatever you have written or voted for. The public will know that you spent money at the business, but they will not know how much you spent. So if there are any purchases that you want to keep private, simply don’t use that vote, and no one else will ever see that you made a purchase there.

It works differently for businesses where you have spent money. Keep in mind they may already know that you made a purchase from them, since you already gave them your payment card with your name on it. When a business is using MoneyVoice to learn what their customers want, and you make a purchase at that business, they will initially see zero information about you. However, as soon as you vote for them to do something, or otherwise engage with that business, they will become able to see your purchase history at that business (and only that business), including the amount spent. This gives you more power in the relationship by proving that you are a loyal, valuable customer they should pay attention to. Of course we will never share personalized information about your spending with anyone else.

You can read our full privacy policy here