Our Mission

To empower people to have a positive impact when they spend money.

Our Team

  • Brent

    Founder & CEO

    Brent has spent his career helping people use their spending power to have a positive impact on the world. He is the founder of Carrotmob, the global consumer movement that has spent over $1M in hundreds of grassroots campaigns around the world to help businesses make environmental improvements. He founded Virgance, an incubator for social enterprises. That company evolved into One Block Off The Grid, a solar energy company that was funded by NEA, acquired twice, and now powers NRG's home solar division. He founded The Spring, a loyalty program app for restaurants. He is also a founder and General Partner at Rhyme Combinator.

  • Michael

    Founder & CTO

    Michael has 10 years of experience managing technical teams. He was previously CTO of LocoMobi. Before that he spent 3 years as VP of Engineering at QuickPay. He has started multiple other companies, including being CEO of Butterflive, a failed SaaS ecommerce provider of real-time insights and engagement tools. He earned a master's degree in engineering in Lyon, France. He also founded a record label, writes songs for French pop bands, and is always hacking and tinkering with his modular synthesizers.

  • Cindy

    Managing Director, Paris

    Cindy started and leads our engineering office in Paris. An engineer and software developer with a masters in computer engineering, Cindy has over a decade of experience managing technical projects. Most recently she has been leading teams at a large aerospace company in Toulouse, France. She is a master of project management who can guide the strategy, train the developers, or get deep into the code herself. Cindy's commitment to our shared values make her the perfect leader to build a French team with a Silicon Valley mindset and workplace culture. She is also really into fly fishing.

  • Amanda

    Operations, Oakland

    Amanda manages operations and logistics from our Oakland office. She studied engineering at Cornell, and now geeks out about creating scalable systems for all aspects of our MoneyVoice community. From QA to user growth and business outreach, Amanda wears all the hats and helps wherever she is needed. Her unique background as an environmentalist community organizer, as well as a small business manager, puts her in a unique position to design the optimal processes to make MoneyVoice work well for both users and businesses. You may also find this playful musician organizing sunrise dance parties and singing her heart out.

  • Sophie

    Marketing, Oakland

    Sophie helps new people discover MoneyVoice and understand why it is so exciting! If you've received a nice note from us, there's a good chance it came from her. Sophie graduated from Santa Clara University and worked at some really cool nonprofits, making an impact on issues like food systems, homelessness, the arts and education. Then she discovered the power of using tech for good, and has worked with cause-based tech companies in content, strategy, and growth marketing. She side-hustles as a private chef and cooking teacher, sings in the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, and adores her fat cat, Irma.

  • Elisabeth

    HR Manager, Paris

    Elisabeth keeps our Paris office running smoothly. She is in charge of HR, accounting, taxes, onboarding, training, and a variety of other administrative roles. She has 20 years of accounting experience, and she most recently spent 7 years at another French tech company where she was in charge of accounting, HR, procurement, and more. When she left they had to replace her with two people, which is why we never intend to let her leave. When she's not working, one of her favorite activities is knitting. We're not saying she's a better knitter than you... but we're not NOT saying that.

  • Paul

    Dev Ops Engineer (consultant)

    Paul helps us keep our technical infrastructure rock solid. He is a cloud enthusiast, all-5 AWS certified and experienced Google Platform architect. With a strong Linux and networking background, he started his cloudy adventure as a Solutions Architect at Scalr, a cloud management platform in San Francisco. After several years at QuickPay with Michael, Paul joined Cloudreach as a Cloud Consultant helping customers in Europe to migrate their data centers to the cloud, as well as exploring serverless and microservices architectures. Paul is also into hiking and kitesurfing.

  • Aaron

    Design & Front End Development (consultant)

    Aaron is a designer, artist, and front-end developer. He has deep experience in the solar industry as well as consulting with a variety of clients, such as IDEO. He and Brent have worked together for years on various projects to change the way capitalism works. Aaron is also a founder of Terran Collective.

  • Valentin

    iOS Engineer (consultant)

    When not building the MoneyVoice iOS app, Valentin is an analyst at Bleu Capital, working on early-stage venture capital. He is also the founder of Shopz, a shopping app that hunts for the best deals on clothing in stores near your location.


We are a public benefit corporation, committed to having a positive, regenerative impact on the world. Learn more about the impact we believe MoneyVoice can have on the world's most pressing problems, and what motivated us to start this company in the first place.


We're based in Oakland, CA & Paris, France. If you have questions or are interested in joining our team, email info@moneyvoice.com